Just a few short weeks ago, we were approached by CreativeLive to produce a workshop for them on Marketing. Specifically Marketing to Moms, in honor of Mother’s Day weekend. What happened was completely amazing. Our workshop turned into TWO workshops, one for moms to learn how to use their cameras, and one for professional photographers to learn how to really get their family portrait business up and running. The first day we met with a group of fabulous moms to talk about Photo 101. The next two days were filled with discussions on Marketing, Sales, Consultations, Editing, Projection, Work/Life Balance… oh and let’s throw in a live shoot with three kids!

    We had a blast. What an absolute RUSH. I have a new appreciation for producing, especially LIVE shows. It is obvious how much work goes into making one of these productions, and the mighty cool staff of CreativeLive makes it looks easy.

    If you enjoyed the show or you missed it, you can purchase the downloads here. Our course covered everything from marketing, to sales, to shooting, to life balance, so check it out!

    Hooray to the crew!
    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    Marketing to Moms…
    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    In honor of Mother’s Day, we brought our own mom! She is really an inspiration to both of us. We love you, mom!

    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    I wanted to thank some inspiring women who took the time to share with us about how they feel about being moms and business women. Thank you to: Me Ra Koh, Tamara Lackey, Vicki Taufer, Sarah Petty, and Dawn Davis! Your words added so much to the workshop.

    One of our live student audience members, Michael Houlden had some great thoughts that pretty much summed up how we feel about marketing and sales. He says,

    “Words like marketing and sales so often strike fear into the hearts of artists such as ourselves while at the same time they leave a sense of distrust in the minds of our clients. So, I sort of feel almost dirty telling people that I was at a workshop on marketing and sales. Here’s the thing though – marketing is simply the process of letting people know that we exist and what our service is – and done well the message reaches people that are interested in and value our service. And sales (almost a four letter word for some people) is simply the process of determining what our clients desire and then delivering it to them. Pure and simple. No ugly monsters. No scary ghosts.”

    And that’s the point! Sales is simply providing a service to our clients to help them choose what it is they have already told you that they want! Thanks for your words, Michael! Thanks also to our in-studio live student audience: Michael Houlden, Julie Pergitone Croff, Joni James, Dan Troutman, Kristin Tetuán and Christiana Sloop Childers. Wouldn’t have been the same without you.

    Here are some fun shots of the week … in the studio, the live shoot…
    ….and if you scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll find DISCOUNT CODES for lots of GREAT products!

    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    This is actually JOY shooting the CAMERAMAN shooting JULES shooting the family.
    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    The day after our live shoot, we got back into the studio to talk about editing, photoshop with presets and textures, and of course, sales! Joy demonstrated ProSelect and we all had fun editing images together, to decide how to show clients’ your very best.

    Here are a few of Jules’ favorites from the live shoot. Thank you Hilary and Scott, for being so accommodating with the crazy outdoor shoot filled with cameras, wires, and people!

    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    and of course, the famous eye-swap one:

    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE

    And finally, we have to thank all of our amazing sponsors for all the generous prizes we were able to give away! Here’s Jules with her cute little shutterhugger dinosaur, and me with my DaisyGrip puppet! I don’t know who they entertained more, us or the kids we were supposed to photograph!

    jules bianchi photography featured on creativeLIVE


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    We also wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who have visited our shop on Jules Cafe recently. We really try hard to produce products that we think would be useful to other photographers, and it is always something that we genuinely use ourselves. Again, thanks so much and we really appreciate you.


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    1. Kimie says:

      Had a great time watching you and Joy on CreativeLive. It was such a great show that I had to purchase it! (The only one I’ve purchased yet) You both taught me so much. Thank you so much for doing the show on CreativeLive! Best of luck to you both on your continued success.

    2. Jen R says:

      Thanks for your input, I enjoyed watching. I was encouraged to see your way of picking images was similar to how I do it.

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