Well hello! We are so glad you found us!

    Check out all the info HERE on our site JUST for SENIORS!

    But before you do, take a second and watch this cool video-slideshow from a Senior Portrait Party — and get up to 4 of your BFFs to have your own!

    Contact us at 510.922.1179 or for more info or check out more details about the parties here!


    2 Responses to “Senior Portraits by Jules Bianchi”

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    2. Julia says:

      Jules & Joy, The video and photos are amazing! Megan had the best time with you gals and it definitely shows. What a great experience for these good group of friends. I think they might just make up an excuse to have another shoot with you ladies! I know that I can speak for all the girls, they would recommend this to everyone they know!


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