I will blog AALLLL about the party so soon, but I am exhausted. For now, here are the JoyCam shots – this was so much fun to have up at the party! Everyone totally got into having their picture taken, and I am so happy to have this slideshow! My sister loves this song and really thought it would be perfect…. It WAS a good night!!

    If you are interested in buying a print or two, click


    7 Responses to “The JoyCam at the Studio Opening Party!”

    1. Krista says:

      Hi Julie,
      Congrats on the studio. I’m your new biggest fan. Can you tell me how you made this slideshow for your blog? Was it through Pictage, or some other software? Thanks and much success to you!

    2. Jeffrey says:

      I’m in this WAY too much 😀

      That was great!

    3. Jen Disney says:

      Yay! Looks like the night was great! Congratulations on your new studio!

    4. Leonora says:

      Congratulations! What a fun group of party people! The studio is off to a GREAT start!

    5. LOVE IT! That is the perfect song and looks like everyone had a blast!

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