An Olive a Day

    June 22nd, 2008

    I will be getting a brand new blog very soon, and “An Olive a Day” is one of the categories I plan to incorporate!

    Its too hot today to do much more than this:

    an olive a day An Olive a Day


    5 Responses to “An Olive a Day”

    1. MsB says:

      I love this photo! She totally looks like a lion though. Or, is that “lioness”? 😉

    2. Antonietta says:

      what a beautiful photo!I have done similar to one of it my cat but the quality of my photographic car it is not very good.

    3. Monica Galvan-Hertstein says:

      Poor baby she looks so hot. I know in Northern Cal its pretty hot here too. Keep cool! 😛

    4. Sheryl says:

      Aww, poor Olive looks exhausted! Being cute will obviously wears a dog down.

    5. Bliss says:

      Can’t agree more with Olive!! 😉

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