Girls Night Out!

    December 24th, 2006

    As an early Christmas gift, last night my mother took my sister and I to a fun cooking class to learn how to make a fancy French meal. We cooked up lamb ribs, made onion custard tartlets and whipped up a raspberry souflee. Making the food was fun, but eating our delicous meal afterward was even better!!

    THANK YOU, MOM!! It was so much fun!

    personal Girls Night Out!

    personal Girls Night Out!

    personal Girls Night Out!


    3 Responses to “Girls Night Out!”

    1. Leonora says:

      We are so fun together. You make the class look fantastic…..oh it was! These pictures look like they should be in a cooking magazine.

    2. jeanne theisen says:

      What a great Christmas gift! How awesome. I love the picture of you and Joy cooking. Very cute. It is also always nice to see your pretty Mom! Have a great Christmas. I know you will. Give your nieces a kiss for me. They are SO cute.

    3. Leonora says:


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