December 30th, 2005

    Who’s on holiday? In the time since I said Jules Bianchi Photography was officially on hiatus I’ve added a section to my website, designed a sample album, met with a potential client regarding her 2006 wedding and shot, edited and released a family portrait (not to mention agreed to shoot a New Year’s Eve wedding with my friend, Becker, when I could have had that day off!)

    Okay. I’ll admit I have a little bit of a work-a-holic problem, but yesterday I did something non-work related and fun. Um, okay, I DID bring the 5D along…but Joy was shooting a lot, too! (As she should since she shoots most of my Bay Area weddings with me!)

    Joy, Jason, Brett and I drove up to Sonoma to do a little wine tasting and have a nice dinner at The General’s Daughter. Joy dressed up because she said you never know when you might end up on Jules’ blog.

    Its so true.

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    1. joy says:

      cuuuuute!! thanks for including me on your blog!! i love to be on your blog!

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